Scheduling & Pricing


The total investment for your bespoke coaching programme will be agreed following our first complimentary session.
I fully believe it is better to experience coaching before deciding to invest money in it.

Example Organisation

Number of sessions: 6 paid sessions of 1 hour each.

Time Frame: 

Complimentary Consultation (Between 60—120 Minutes)

Getting to know client, chemistry check, contract signing 


Session 1

Clarify vision, establish goals, objectives and key benchmarks for success. Establish a timeline and schedule.

Sessions 2—5

These sessions generally review progress towards client development objectives, discussion of challenges and how to overcome them, as well as any other upcoming issues. Sessions are client lead.

Session 6

Review of whole coaching programme, consolidation and consideration of future plans/objectives.

Sessions are 60 minutes and are all about you and your success.

Sessions are recorded with your permission.

Sessions are 100% confidential as in accordance with the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

My objectives as your coach are to help you:

1. Achieve your goals and objectives
2. Build on your strengths and develop skills
3. Overcome obstacles
4. Deal effectively with challenges
5. Optimise your potential

My objectives as your coach are to help you:

1. A custom coaching plan with measurable actions and a map for success
2. Benchmarks for personal and professional development as they relate to your goals and objectives
3. Reading and study materials
4. Systems and strategies for dealing with challenges, issues, and conflicts

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