Coaching Style

I am truly passionate about helping organisations further their commitment to employee development, diversity and inclusion. I fully believe that supporting businesses to create more equitable, inclusive workplaces will contribute to a fairer society; where everyone, irrespective of their gender, background, culture or religion, have the confidence and opportunity to voice their ideas, creativity and wisdom.

I do this through powerful, solution-focused coaching sessions, which are entirely based on the belief that my client is fully resourceful, capable and has positive intentions. The clients I work with create powerful results, lasting change and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Here are some stories of how I’ve helped clients with Professional Coaching to Support A Diverse, Engaged and Effective Workforce over the past 18 months:

My experience

My own journey, professionally and personally speaking, has hugely influenced my coaching. I moved to France from the UK at age 21 and founded a very successful Business English language consultancy; I now have a pool of qualified trainers available to give trainings all over France and further afield in Europe. The experience of setting up and managing a company abroad has given me real insight to the barriers entrepreneurs often face, the glass ceiling and overcoming confidence challenges.

As a Business English Language coach, I had the privilege of working with employees, managers, executives and CEOs on an individual and small group basis; people from diverse backgrounds, countries and in all types of industries. This has given me a truly international perspective; an intimate understanding of how businesses work, their challenges and the different ways managers lead and inspire their teams. Thanks to these experiences, I have excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate with all types of people with awareness and sensitivity.

I now spend the majority of my time coaching, helping business create a more diverse, more engaged, and more effective workforce. I have the privilege of working with clients in the United Kingdom and France on a face to face and remote basis.

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