Business coaching

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what is business coaching?

Business coaching is the best way to achieve untapped levels of success, massive results
and improved productivity.  Many of the most successful corporations and entrepreneurs work
rely on business coaches to help realise their goals. 

Business coaching is results oriented with each session dedicated to your development and
the growth of your organisation. By focusing on the present and on the future, you will be
equipped with the knowledge, creativity and inspiration necessary to increase your results.

How Does it Work?

1. Complimentary Consultation:

I want to know about more about you, your company and how I can help.

2. Coaching Programme:

Six month programme with 1:1 meetings every two weeks,
 plus unlimited email correspondence. During your programme, you’ll establish clear
goals and create an action plan to achieve them, overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs,
and identify opportunities for future business & personal growth.
Coaching sessions are recorded with your permission,
and are conducted either in person, by telephone or by video-conference.

3. Course Completion:

Experience visible results and reap the benefits of your coaching programme.
I stay in touch with all of my clients and provide continued support whenever necessary.

* I work with professionals mostly on an individual basis,
although small group coaching sessions (maximum 3 people) are also possible.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to explore
what working with me could do for your company.

How Can You Be SureBusiness Coaching Works?

Virtually all companies, professionals or individuals who hire a coach are satisfied. According to
the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, a staggering 99% of people surveyed said they were either
‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the coaching experience. 

Here are the 5 levels we can use to measure the effectiveness of coaching *:

1. Reaction, Satisfaction and Intention:

Place the learner central by assessing their satisfaction with the training
and their intention and motivation to apply what they have learned.

2. Knowledge Retention:

What the learner retained from their training program.

3. Application & Implementation:

Determines whether participants are applying new knowledge and skills on the job.

4. Business impact:

Focuses on the actual results achieved and how these results impact
the organisation. Level 4 measures include output, quality, costs,
time, and customer satisfaction.

5. Return on Investment:

Percentage of benefit-cost ratio.

* Kirkpatrick/Phillips Model

Why hire an external business coach ?

Many companies are realising the enormous benefits of coaching and so are implementing an in-house coaching programme. Managers are trained to be coaches, to operate with a coaching style, with the objective to improve employee and company performance.

Why then should you hire an external coach?

The external coach is 100% independent and objective, and can therefore create a safe environment for employees. The coach is committed to confidentiality policy that is not connected to the company’s processes, meaning that more adept and sensitive feedback can be provided. Sometimes with internal coaching, that trust fails to be established and so progress is either stunted entirely or minimised.

Team members may feel able to discuss issues with an external coach that they would not discuss with their line manager, and these hidden issues may be critical to improving performance.

External coaches also have typically received a more extensive coaching training than managers, and have much more experience coaching people. The best business coaches also have specialist expertise in one or a small number of areas; the external coach can therefore be matched to the coachee’s specific requirements.

All of this can contribute to effective, highly energetic coaching, which can have significant results over a relatively short period of time.

Benefits of Business Coaching

I believe that to get the best results in your workplace, companies should establish a coaching culture. It has been proven that people thrive and fulfil their potential in an open, transparent environment with continuous access to support and cycles of feedback; good coaching is also about encouraging greater awareness and responsibility, the tools required to generate action steps, professional growth & positive outcomes.

I believe coaching is the new way of managing and that fostering a coaching culture can have enormous influence on staff performance, motivation, talent attraction and retention.

For too long coaching has been seen something exclusive for senior executives. While that is important, I am persuaded that coaching should be available for all different positions in the company; everyone has a part to play; if everyone’s potential is fulfilled, the company can go further, be better, and achieve more.

Coaching enhances employee performance, creates positive working environments and generates productive teams. Therefore, the company as a whole improves: leadership is better; communication is better; talent retention increases; confidence improves; and stress reduces. Having engaged employees who feel valued and have the space to grow personally & professionally is what makes a real difference to organisational performance.

Take control of your business growth

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