Business Coaching Niches

My objective is to help businesses create more diverse, engaged, and effective workforces through powerful and impactful coaching. I do this by helping clients in three main areas:

Employee Empowerment & Development

Overcoming Business Obstacles; Growing Confidence & Self Belief; Empowering clients to develop & enhance professional skills; Fostering creative & entrepreneurial thinking; Generating innovative solutions; Supporting and Exploring career development.

Who in the company is this aimed at?
All levels of employees in companies, from the bottom up to executives. Entrepreneurs.

Team Communication & Collaboration

Managers and Executives develop their self awareness, emotional intelligence, ability to understand others, ability to inspire & influence whilst promoting their own and their teams’ development, ability to communicate effectively, and ability to effectively manage conflict.

Who in the company is this aimed at?
Managers & Executives.


Pairing with a manager/executive who is responsible for either targeting a market that relies on young people, or is managing a diverse and younger demo graphic. These clients often benefit from an insight into the expectations and mindset of younger people.  Mentoring conversations often center around topics strategic and cultural relevance; this is particularly important in light of the Me Too movement, the use of technology in companies, and the changing values of millennials.

Diversity is promoted, culture change is driven, new mindsets are explored and greater connection between employees of all ages is generated.

Who in the company is this aimed at?
Managers & Executives.

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