Professional Coaching To Support A Diverse, Engaged and Effective Workforce

Bespoke Business Coaching Designed With A Focus on Diversity & Inclusion.
Helping Organisations Close The Gap Between Good Intentions And Real D&I Results.


The competition to attract, retain and foster talent has never been tougher for organisations.

Mobile workforces, multiple generations with different values and ideas, and marketplace competition from around the globe are pushing organisations to embrace diversity not just in their customers, but their employees.

Professional coaching with a focus on diversity and inclusion can support individuals’ professional growth, organisational development and overall success of the enterprise. Weaving inclusion business coaching into your talent management strategy is highly effective and can transform well-meaning D&I efforts into lasting change.

Measurable Benefits Include:

Increased Revenue & Growth: Research shows that companies with greater gender, ethnic and cultural diversity in their teams enjoy higher profits than their competitors.

Greater Staff Engagement and Motivation: Employees who feel valued and supported with access to learning and development initiatives do better work. This makes a real difference to organisational performance.

Attraction & Retention of Top Talent: The very best employees are looking for meaning, trust and development opportunities in their work. Equitable, inclusive workplaces that champion employee development are far more attractive than those which do not.

Improved Leadership: Leaders with greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy inspire their employees to be their very best and go further than they thought possible.

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AboutLaura Leuillier

My name is Laura Leuillier and I’m an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Professional Coach. A British national currently living between Brittany in France and my hometown Durham City in the UK, I have extensive experience running a successful international entreprise. I am convinced that external business coaching is a powerful way to help solve the diversity and inclusion dilemma that affects organisations all over the world.

I am passionate about supporting employees, often from traditionally underrepresented groups, to thrive and fulfil their potential. The coaching partnership provides the opportunity for these professionals to grow in confidence, overcome barriers and obstacles, gain clarity on career direction and to work creatively and entrepreneurially to provide innovative solutions to business challenges. 


Another part of my business coaching involves partnering with executives and often senior staff to assist them in reflecting on unconscious biases, raising commitment to becoming more inclusive, and taking courageous actions to make their teams and organisations more equitable and ultimately, more productive.

Diversity and inclusion makes absolute sense. The bottom-line impact of heterogeneous teams is well documented; it brings new perspectives, different life experiences and alternative ways of working, which can orchestrate remarkable results across a company. Today’s workplace is undergoing a revolution. For companies to succeed, there needs to be greater investment in people, new methods, and technology. It is essential to embrace this new workforce, and to challenge existing models and ways of working. Talent management strategies must recognise the importance of equity and inclusion if their companies are to remain competitive and profitable.

Business Coaching Expertise

Employee Empowerment & Development: 
enhancing professional skills; overcoming barriers; optimising potential; fostering the confidence required to grow, achieve and develop.

Communicating & Collaborating Effectively:
developing self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence; inspiring and leading productive, motivated teams in which every member feels valued; dealing with challenges skilfully.

Reverse Mentoring:
generating meaningful connections between employees of different generations; addressing & overcoming unconscious bias; exploring new mindsets.


1. Enhanced Employee and Organisational Performance
2.Improved Communication & Relationships
3.Improved Time Management
4.Better Leadership
5.Improved Health and Sustained Results
6.Increased CoIncreased Confidence and Decreased Stress
7.Greater Self-Awareness and Empathy
8.Clearer Business Vision

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what working with me could do for your company.